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Hosting english
» Verlihub hosting English «
• HubHost: - 200 users » Voluntary donation
• HubHost: - 500 users » Voluntary donation
• HubHost: - 800 users » Voluntary donation
• HubHost: - 1000 users » Voluntary donation
• HubHost: - 2500 users » Voluntary donation

• On the right you have the SPENDEN button, so whoever wants can donate voluntarily

What do you get with a hub?
• To hosting hubs for Verlihub [•HOSTED•]-© by Mini itServer
• With the hub is obtained kit done vhcp portal sajt(hub administration hub) with address http://xxxx.slak-pc.net that you choose
• Complete script hub with all the settings. (You do not need to know anything about hubs)
• technical support. dchub://internationale.slak-pc.net NICK [•OW-CrniPenzioner•]
• Hub and port address (if available) you can select.[dchub://xxx.slak-pc.net:port]
• Linux server that is non-stop online! Debian GNU/Linux 8.11 (jessie)
• DEMO VERLIHUB ENGLISH - dchub://en.slak-pc.net:6008 Who wants verlihub a report to an email address
For those who need more user may be told to email address